Work Process

We Are Professional in

ACADWISE is presently involved in delivering prepress services such as Designing, Developing, Printing, and typesetting to high-end customers.

Our work process is mainly familiar to simplify the collaboration between publisher and ACADEISE teams. We aim to handle our Publishers/Authors' requests in a timely manner with a error free rate and open-minded prices. Our work process as follows:

  • Publisher/Author sends content, figures, tables, meta data etc. in word or another format along with sample copy of the requested output.
    • *Figures should be either editable or high quality (i.e., PDF, PPT, eps, word, etc.)
    • *Meta data have volume, issue, PDF number/page number, PubMed name, etc.)
  • ACADWISE will get back with a created copy.
  • Publisher/Author sends a feedback or corrections regarding the first sample. If there are corrections, we will send the corrected sample.
  • Once the publisher accepts the sample, we will send a price quote
  • After approval, we will process the requested service:
    • PDF/E-books/Format setting
    • HTML/Full Text
    • XML
    • EPUB
    • Printing Services
    • We will provide special discounts on your package
  • Any special requests or Branding designs should be included clearly in a separate cover letter.