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Our Services Offerings

We focus on helping the scientific community prepare and share content to facilitate knowledge sharing in the field of academic publishing. Acadwise offers end-to-end journal production services with workflows that help journal publishers get the best out of their content and publish articles online, ahead of print.

At ACADWISE, we have been successfully serving the scientific community from past 5 years in every aspect that academic industry demands. The main areas of our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Editorial design (Manuscripts, Academic papers, e-Books, Scientific papers, Cover pages, etc..).
  • Corporate design (brochures, logos and branding).
  • Scientific images design/redesign etc..
  • Web and applications development etc..

Manuscripts Design

Your authors engage in a back-and-forth relationship with you as they submit, retrieve, proof, edit, and return their manuscripts in advance of your approval. If you want to streamline this process, save time, free up your staff, and even make the authors happy, then ours is the best reliable platform for the publishers like you who strive for quality work to be published in your journals/Book.

Books/e-Books Design

Expand the reach of your title and create a new revenue stream with Acadwise’s academic Conversion services. Convert your books and journals into electronic formats and give your readers the flexibility of choosing where and how they read, be it print or electronic, at home or on the go.

ACADWISE converts the files to prominent formats (including ePub, MobiPocket, eBook PDF, and XML) that are compatible with today’s leading eBook readers, tablets, mobile devices, and computers.

Scientific Reports Format Setting

Most journals issue detailed formatting requirements conferring to their own, unique guidelines. Attempting to prudently modify your text and references to these specifications can be time-consuming. Let us help so that you can dedicate more time to your research. Each paper submitted to our manuscript formatting service will be corrected in severe accordance with the guidelines specified by the target journal and condensed fully compliant with the necessities for submission. .

Figures and Journal Cover Design

A successfully created manuscript covers not only sensibly edited text but also professionally existing figures and diagrams. Many journals reviewers trust that figure appearance is the second greatest important part of presentation during peer-review, coming only after the abstract. Creating professional-quality figures and illustrations can need a great transaction of time and vigor. Let our professional figure & artwork experts help, so you can dedicate more time to research.

Web Development

We offer Web Design & Development services that help universities, research institutions, academic societies, and businesses reach out to a global audience. We leverage best-practice-based processes and support latest Web trends and techniques to build effective websites that incline with specific needs and appeal to international sensibilities.

HTML (Full text) and XML (File generation for websites and portals like PubMed)

We at ACADWISE always strive to give you the best ever services with our expertise in preparing the HTML & XML files for the articles to be published in journals in order as a part of our Publishing support and journal production services.

Printing Services

We know print and we know the academic industry. As the shift to online content continues, demand for print definitely remains. At ACADWISE, we have been a part of the movement with an array of solutions for the content continuum, from print to online and vice versa.

Quality print journals have been the main objective of our existence in the industry for these many years. Our quality still counts and we continue to refine our print workflows and output patterns.

Multimedia & Design

We offer Graphic Design & Development services that help universities, research institutions, academic societies, and businesses reach out to a global audience. We leverage best-practice-based processes and the supports latest graphic trends and techniques to build effective designs that inclines with specific needs and appeal to international sensibilities.

Language Translations

ACADWISE offers specialized translation services to academic & scientific researchers globally. Using language as a medium of communication, our team aids and facilitates the process of successful publication of scientific research papers. We strive to create new processes and continuously engage in improvising existing ones to ensure that our esteemed language services are provided in the best and most efficient manner.


ACADWISE offers a professional quality Reprint Services that facilitates users to have reprints delivered to publisher/their mailing address at an affordable value.

Specialized article reprints are high-class reproductions of original editorial coverage featuring your company, product, service or industry. ACADWISE expert team will work with you to create the perfect design and layout that best meets your budget and marketing.